Bracelet Size Chart: What to know about your size?

If you've ever wanted to buy that special bracelet you've always wanted but were scared to buy it because you didn't know if it would be the right fit, then worry no more, we're here to help!

Wrist Measurement (inches)  Bracelet Size
<6" 6.5"
6"- 6.5" 7"
6.5"- 7" 7.5"
7"- 7.5" 8"
7.5"- 8" 8.5"
8"- 8.5" 9"


So as you can see above, when you're deciding which size bracelet to order, it is wisest to order a half inch larger than what your wrist measures, so as not to purchase such a tight bracelet that will feel uncomfortable, and not to buy such a big one so that it won't slip off your wrist.

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